Google Adwords Web Interface Beta

Back in November, Google asked a small group of U.S. advertisers to start testing a new web interface for AdWords. According to Google, the new interface makes AdWords campaign management faster, clearer, and more intuitive which leads to improved tracking, reporting and optimizations.


 After initial user feedback, Google has decided to expand the beta to more U.S. advertisers, as well as additional countries (such as the U.K. and Australia), and languages (such as Spanish, Japanese, French, and Brazilian Portuguese).


Here are a few of the features Google is testing:

  • Performance graphs: Spotting trends over time with custom graphs will make optimization of each campaign much easier.
  • Insight across ad groups: Focus on the high-impact areas of your account with new roll-up tabs on every page. Advertisers will be able to see and edit keywords, placements or ads from all ad groups on a single tab – an incredible time saver!
  •  In-line editing: Want to change a keyword or bid? You know how cumbersome it can be to load a new page each time you want to update a bid and then save it? No longer! Click on bid you want changed and make changes in-line instead of loading a separate page.
  • Easier content network management: I’m a self proclaimed ‘anti-content’ guy, but Google is touting improved content network performance through a new Networks tab. Advertisers will be able to look at statistics for the placements where ads have been displayed, and then take appropriate action by setting unique bids or excluding placements directly from the report.

Obviously, the new interface is still a work in progress, but the good news is Advertisers will be able to switch between old and new interfaces during the beta.


To learn more, see videos of the new interface in action, and sign up for the beta, visit our new AdWords interface website.


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