Hitwise: Long Tail of Search Growing Longer

We’ve all heard the term ‘long tail’. When we talk about pay per click marketing, long tailed keywords are typically the holy grail – lower CPC costs, capturing traffic further down the conversion funnel, etc.

Hitwise recently released a report highlighting how 1 and 2 word queries are becoming less common, while 4, 5, all the way up to 8+ word queries are becoming more common.

Hitwise Long Tail Keyword Report

Hitwise Long Tail Keyword Report

So what does this mean for Internet Marketers? The long tail of search continues to get longer and the long-tailed opportunities continue to grow! Searchers are continuing to become more sophisticated and adept and finding what they want on line via Google, Yahoo, Live Search, etc. By continuing to utilize the free SEO tools and free PPC tools available in the industry, webmaster and marketers will continue to discover new opportunities to create content and/or ads that capitalizes on these longer search queries.

How have you been able to take advantage of the long tail? Leave your tips in the comments!

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