Conversion Rate & Google’s Content Network

Just how well does Google’s content network convert? Not as well as Microsoft adCenter – at least from internal testing we have completed.
It will be interesting to see how that trend changes with the release of Microsoft’s publisher network.

Google Adsense Content Network

Google Adsense Content Network

Regardless, Google has taken upon themselves to examine the performance of Search Network and Content Network campaigns for more than 25,000 accounts across the globe and released the findings in a white paper.

Naturally, Google found that the median advertiser, showing their ads on both networks, enjoyed a CPA that was about 2% lower on the Content Network than on search pages.

What’s even more interesting, Google found that the ontent Network delivered nearly 20% of those respective advertiser’s
total conversions!

What I found most interesting in the white paper was the use of Google’s Conversion Optimizer and site exclusion tool. These two optimization tools
definitely lead to the great results. From that standpoint definitely worth taking a look!

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