Installing Analytics? Ask These Questions First

Not  too long ago I wrote about which questions to ask when hiring a new SEM vendor. I came across this post from one of my favorite blogs (BG Theory) and thought it was a perfect supplement – questions to ask before installing analytics.

Looking back on my years working for agencies as well as a few years working client-side analytics was always the pain point! Getting the initial buy-in from management to upgrade to a more robust system was the easy part. Actually getting the analytics package implemented and tracking correctly was the ongoing challenge. Here are a few tips to make this process much easier!

First things first, look at everyone on your team (SEO, PPC, designer, CEO, etc) and ask them one simple question: What do you need to know to get your job done?

Then look at the list and ask each of them, “What is it worth to our company to pay for this information?”

You are now armed with your list of critical ‘must-have’  information. Utilize this info to not only help sell the upgrade to management but also interview the potential analytics vendors.

Remember, making decisions based upon solid analytics data can increase your profits dramatically, but paying for data you don’t use is a drain on the company’s bank account.

When you hire good talent, make sure they have the data they need to help your company succeed! Have any tips of your own? Be sure to add them in the comments!

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