PPC Buyer Behavior and the Economy Downtown

The habits of consumers are changing and they are turning to search. Google recently surveyed 8,675 U.S. consumers about their current buying patterns. Below you’ll see a few of the key insights and ideas to capitalize on those trends!

  • Consumers are researching and buying more online. As a result of the economic downturn, 54% of consumers spend more time online researching products before buying them in a store. 39% rather than buying in-store, simply buy more products online. Marketers and online advertisers can seize this trend by making detailed product information accessible on websites. It’s more important than ever that paid search landing pages contain sufficient product detail and a clear path to purchase. Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Website Optimizer can help guide decisions.
  • Consumers are turning to search. 29% of surveyed respondents said search engine results or paid search ads were their main source of information during the economic downturn. Websites  came in second (22%) and recommendations third (11%). 53% now use search engines more often to research their purchases. These patterns create opportunity for search engine marketers. Look for keywords expansions to include “research” and “consideration” terms.
  • Deals matter more now than ever. 53% of consumers told us they now spend more time online searching for the latest promotions and discounts. 46% of consumers spend more time searching for coupons. Pay per click marketers can benefit by adding more promotional language and even specific coupons to their search ads and landing pages.

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