Search Engine PPC Marketers on Twitter

Are you an avid Tweeter? Are you just getting started? Either way, these twits from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are definitely worth following if you are a pay per click or search engine marketer!

Google: AdWords

Microsoft: adCenter

Yahoo: Web Search (I couldn’t track down PPC specific twits)

  • searchmonkey / Yahoo Search Monkey main account
  • cornett / Larry Cornett (vice president, Yahoo Search Product)
  • crispierry / Cris Pierry (general manager, Yahoo Search)
  • grahammudd / Graham Mudd (Yahoo Search Monkey & BOSS)
  • jpederse / Jan Pedersen (Chief scientistt, Yahoo Search & Ad Tech Group)
  • mwinters58 / Mike Winters (Yahoo Search team)
  • rajgossain / Raj Gossain (vice president, Yahoo Search)



  • techmeme / Techmeme (main account)
  • gaberivera / Gabe Rivera (founder, Techmeme)
  • megan / Megan McCarthy (editor, Techmeme)


  • twitter / Twitter (main account)
  • ev / Evan Williams (CEO, Twitter & cofounder)
  • biz / Biz Stone (Twitter cofounder)


While you’re at it, be sure to add @ppcforhire and myself @jonleeclark! Looking forward to adding you to the ‘twit-feed’!


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