Google To Allow Trademark Use in AdWords Copy in US

Google has again opened up its ad policies to allow trademark terms to be used within ad copy, in certain circumstances, within the United States.

Currently,those advertisers who have a registered trademark, can request Google prevent their trademarks from being used in ad copy. Trademarks can still be used by anyone to trigger ads, however, by simply buying the keyword. Beginning June 15th, this will change — as long as the advertiser is a reseller of a product or is providing information about it.

Google claims the change is designed to help relevancy which seems to have validity. Many search marketing studies have shown that a searcher finds the listings more relevant when they contain the actual keyword or phrase they searched for.

Not everyone can get around the trademark ban, if a trademark holder has requested it, however. Exceptions are made for:

•Resellers of products
•Sales of components, parts, and “compatible products” (accessories)
•Informational reviews

This move comes at an interesting time – a time in which Google for the first time is seeing its revenues slow. Letting more ads show for trademark terms — letting trademark terms appear in ad copy — both help the bottom line.

What IS interesting, however, is provided you meet one or more of the criteria above you can ‘buy’ Google (at least in your ad text:))

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