How Web Designers Keep SEOs in Business

Website Designers vs. SEO

Website Designers vs. SEO

Jill Whalen , CEO and founder of High Rankings, put together a rather amusing list of top reasons web designers keep SEOs in business. I chuckled to myself after reading a few that I’ve encountered myself. I thought I’d point them out below:

2.    They think adding words into a Meta keyword tag is SEO.
3.    They develop navigational menus that are invisible to search engines.
12.    They put the same Title on every page of the website.
13.    They design sites completely in Flash.
14.    They think SEO is creating mini-sites.
21.    They have no clue what their websites look like in Google’s text cache.
22.    They create all graphical sites.
33.    They think SEO is putting keywords in invisible text.
40.    They put “welcome” in Title tags.
49.    They mistakenly put robots=noindex, nofollow on the site.
50.    They forget to fix the robots.txt file to allow indexing once the site goes off the development server.
52.    They change all the URLs during a redesign and don’t 301-redirect them.
54.    They use graphical headlines rather than HTML (or a workaround).
57.    They link “home” buttons and logos to /index.php rather than to
61.    They don’t set up analytics.
62.    They create forms where the thank-you page is the same URL as the form itself, thus making it impossible to measure conversions.
68.    They think SEO is about bolding keywords.
75.    They think listing keywords in comment tags will boost rankings.
81.    They put “click here” in anchor text.

I would encourage you to check out the full list! I’m sure you’ll find a few that you’ve experienced as well!

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