Importing Google & Yahoo Campaigns Into Adcenter

Far too often I hear the statement: “I don’t use Microsoft adCenter because the setup is too time consuming!” While in the past I would agree, I would also argue that Microsoft didn’t do enough to promote the capabilities that existed for importing 3rd party campaigns into the adCenter UI.

Now with the release of the adCenter desktop tool (still in Beta) this process is 100 times easier!!

Lets walk through the steps:

1. C hoose the “Import” button on the “Home” tab of Microsoft adCenter Desktop.

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Header

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Header

2. Select “File” & “Location”. Then choose “Import”.

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Import

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Import

3. If you see the error message: “Could not import: x Rows”, click the number of rows to review import errors in Excel.

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Import Errors

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Import Errors

It’s that easy! You’ve successfully imported a 3rd party file. Now all you have to do is update a few final items before you upload your changes to Microsoft adCenter:

  1. Update monthly and/or daily campaign budget.
  2. Set ad group start/end dates, if different than default.
  3. Update ads that have ad descriptions longer than 70 characters.

Now that you’re ready for these changes go live, click “Upload Changes”. Once the download is finished, be sure to check each tab for errors.

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  1. Mel Carson says:

    Hi Jon

    Thanks for the review! Glad you’ve noticed we’re making it easier to do business with us. Check out for more on the adCenter Desktop and do drop by the forums now and again: – we’d love your feedback!

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