2009 Microsoft adCenter Upgrade – Spring Update

Microsoft Adcenter

Microsoft Adcenter

I recieved an e-mail from Microsoft Advertising earlier this afternoon regarding their last ‘Spring Upgrade’. I must say having jumped into the UI as well as the adCenter Desktop tool to see what’s new, I think the improvements are worth noting. Here is the e-mail below:

We’ve just released the  Microsoft adCenter Spring 2009 Upgrade. You can now take advantage of the newest adCenter features and enjoy more control over targeting, bidding, and ad distribution, and other elements of campaign management. Many of our new features are just what you asked for to help save time managing your campaigns, provide greater control over Content Ads distribution, maintain your account more efficiently, and help improve the performance of your campaigns.

Plenty of new adCenter features
Here are just a few of the new features available in adCenter:

  • Apply customer targeting and set incremental bids at the campaign level.
  • Easily set default keyword bids for your ad groups, and use nondefault bids to help advance high-profile keywords.
  • Use our improved keyword research options to research keywords, set bids, and add your new keywords to your ad group in adCenter.
  • And much more!

Special announcement: Content Ads program is out of beta today!
The Microsoft Content Adsprogram is officially launching out of beta today! If you really want to extend your advertising reach to the right customers for your products and services, now is a great time to tap into the power of our Microsoft content network audience.

Learn more about our Spring 2009 Upgrade

To view our Feature Guide and learn how to use these new features, visit our What’s New in adCenter page in the Microsoft Advertising Learning Center. Also read our detailed feature reviews and get advice and tips in the adCenter Community blog. When you’re ready to begin using the new features, simply sign in to your adCenter account.

Anyone have thoughts on the improvements in either the adCenter UI or adCenter Desktop tool? Leave them in the comments!

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