Yahoo Advanced Match Equals Money Waisted

Yahoo Search Marketing Advanced MatchThere’s been a lot of back and forth on the blogs and Internet marketing community lately regarding Google’s broad match / advanced broad match and it’s rather liberal matching options.

Well, add Yahoo’s advanced match to those lists of complaints and completely unrelated keyword matches.

Two days ago, I noticed a massive spike in impressions in a number of my YSM accounts. At first thought that the content network had somehow been activated – the impression spikes were THAT high!

I dug through the anlaytics and log files and found some very disturbing results. Brand keywords are driving far-off non-brand queries and non-brand traffic keywords are driving completely unrelated searches — a complete ROI killer.

To be clear, Yahoo offers two keyword matching options: standard and advanced match. Yahoo’s advanced match is similar to Google’s broad match. It ‘allows’ an ad to be served for ‘related’ search queries. The obvious issue here is how that algorithm deems a search as “related”.

The moral of the story? Make sure you are looking frequently at your log files and analytic reports and make sure you are utilizing negatives to weed out some of these issues.

Is there anyone else out there experiencing similar issues? What steps have you taken to catch/prevent the matching issue from continuing?

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