Adwords Editor CSV Importing & Keyword Research Update


With all the noise Microsoft is making with the launch of Bing and a continued focus on improving the adCenter Desktop application as well as the UI, Google has recently released their own set up of Editor updates.

Increase efficiency with CSV import.

Something adCenter Desktop has offered since it’s inception, Adwords Editor now offers thet ability to import CSV files into AdWords Editor. If you make changes to your account in a spreadsheet or a custom application, you can now import the  spreadsheet  then post your new or edited items. Learn more

Save time by downloading or updating selected campaigns.
I will admit this was much more of an issue wit hte adCenter Desktop tool,  but if you’ve ever had to wait for an entire account to download when you only have on small change to make to one campaign you’ll definitely appreciate this update. Now you can just download the campaign (or campaigns) that you want to edit. You may also choose to download or update only active campaigns (or only paused campaigns). Learn more

Make the most of Keyword Opportunities.

Keyword resarch and your resulting keyword portfolio are the most important parts of your PPC campaign. Google made a few changes to the Keyword Opportunities tool that should make it easier to manage your keyword data. On the “Search-based keywords” tab you can now view and organize new keywords by topical category, letting you zero in quickly on the keywords that  will impact your account the most. Also, when you export or copy keywords, the Keyword Opportunities columns (such as Volume and Competition) are now included. Another awesome update is the ability to add keywords to your account as either keywords, negative keywords, or campaign negative keywords. Learn more.

What are you favorite features and / or updates?

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3 Responses to “Adwords Editor CSV Importing & Keyword Research Update”
  1. PPC Manager says:


    Nice overview of AdWords Editor features!

    If you are interested, check out PPC Manager – advanced AdWords Editor / Tool.
    It has a lot of features like custom grouping, filtering, summaries, bulk editing, bulk download/upload etc.


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