Bing Search Engine Indexing the Hash Tag?

Rand Fishkin recently wrote a post on the SEOMoz blog (if you don’t already read this blog it is a must!!) regarding some interesting indexing coming from Microsoft’s new Bing search engine.

Bing Caching the Hash Tag

Bing Caching the Hash Tag

In the past, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live typically ignored the hash tag in URLs. Because of this, internal anchors were invisible to their link graph. On the search front Bing has done a lot of things right and earned Microsoft some of the best praise they’ve received in years. That said, treating internal anchors as separate URLs could cause a lot of problems. It can come down to a relevancy, such as this case, but in other cases it could cause some serious canonicalization in the link graph and force webmasters to re-think their use of the hash in URLs.

What are you thoughts on Bing? Have you seen any other funky indexing being returned?

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