Top 18 Twitter Tools Every Expert & Newbie Should Know

I Love Twitter Tools

I Love Twitter Tools

After perusing 100’s of twitter application, tools and plugins I narrowed down the list to the top 18 – in my humble opinion of course. I’m sure you have your own favorites as well so feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list with a free link!

Twitter for Corporations:

Twitter Brand Index

Large corporations and CEOs are using Twitter to communicate with their customers. Here is a very large list that includes links to each Twitter profile page. A few of the big companies you’ll find include M&Ms, JetBlue, Delta, Amazon,, Woot and more.

Twitter for Brand Reputation Management:


TweetBeep sends out alerts whenever any keyword you’ve registered with the service is being tweeted. You can register your name, your product names, your URL, your brand name and so on. Even better, utilize this tool for competitive research by registering your competitors’ keywords.

Twitter Search Engines:


Twellow is the Yellow Pages of Twitter land with categories ranging from Accounting to Web Developers and organized by number of followers.


Search Twitter by keyword to find out who’s tweeting on any topic and what they are saying. Even better utilize the advanced search to narrow your search to a particular twit (ie. person) or within a certain geographic area.

Twitter for Marketing Segmentation:

Twitter Groups

Simply create a group, assign a few followers to that group, and then send group messages. A very useful marketing tool when you need to graduate beyond “one-size-fits-all” messaging or wish to communicate with a group of friends.

Twitter Analytics Tools:

Twerp Scan

This application will check the number of followers of everyone on your contact list, the number of people they are following, and the ratio between them. Based on those numbers it culminates a ‘value’ and assigns it to each of your followers, thus you can churn your followers list quickly and efficiently.


Everyone tweets a link now and again and in most cases you will utilize some sore of URL shortening service. This tool not only shortens the URL but lets you track those links as well. Simply register with the site and input the URL(s) you want tracked, then return to this site for analytics information.


Twist lets you assess Twitter trends by comparing one keyword versus another (for example, SEO vs. PPC). The results appear on a graphically based on a segment of time.

Tweet Management Tools:


If you are covering an industry conference and need to tweet in a professional manner. LiveTwitting enables you spell check and edit your posts before they go out. It also helps you organize and consolidate your posts during live sessions.
After the event, you can gather all your tweets together into one coherent message and republish for others to read in their entirety.


This nifty little tool not only enables you to schedule your tweets in advance but also enables you to send automated thank you notes to new followers (disclaimer: this can be very annoying so be sure to make it a personal message vs. a sales pitch)


Cut and paste any URL into the TinyURL tool. An abbreviated URL will be generated that resolves to your URL and never expires.

Twitter for Repurposing Content:


Repurpose your blog posts by feeding them directly to Twitter.


Repurpose your tweets by feeding them directly to your blog.

Twitter Blog

Twitter Apps

Keep up with the latest Twitter happenings at this blog.

Twitter 101:

Mastering Twitter In 10 Minutes or Less

If you are new to Twitter, here’s a quick and easy PDF guide to getting started.

Twitter Toolbox:


With the hundreds of Twitter tools out there this ‘tool’ will come in handy by dividing all the tools into categories such as mobile applications, cross-platform tools, posting enhancement tools and more.

Twitter Downloads

Here you’ll find tools that integrate Twitter with your iPhone, allow to you tweet from your desktop, show a timeline of your tweets, send photos to Twitter and more.

Twitter Whimsy:


Once you become addicted to Twitter (and, yes, you will become an addict) InnerTwitter will send alerts to you at pre-selected intervals throughout the day. When you receive one of these alert, you are to stop, breathe deeply and reconnect with the real world.


7 Responses to “Top 18 Twitter Tools Every Expert & Newbie Should Know”
  1. You could have killed many birds with one stone by including HootSuite in this list (scheduled tweets, URL tracking & shortening) + plus updating other statuses in one (Facebook & integration!)… this list is weak…

  2. GarykPatton says:

    How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  3. I’ve relaunched TwerpScan a few days ago. It’s a full rewrite with new functionality et al, so you might want to take a second look! 🙂

    @Carlo / @TwerpScan


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