Top 10 Pay Per Click Landing Page Best Practices

Increase Shopping Cart Sales

Increase Shopping Cart Sales

Ian Lurie wrote a  great post recently on his Conversation Marketing Blog. The title of the post was “32 Tips To Make Online Customers Love You“. As I started to read the awesome list of tips I started to realize that a number of these points could and should be used as landing page ‘best practices’. From a pay per click marketing perspective the landing page messaging relevance to the search query and ease of conversion are imparative!

If your considering developing a landing page or are looking to improve your existing page, be sure to follow these guidelines!

1. Make sure your site loads in 3-4 seconds or less on a standard broadband connection. Use the YSlow Firefox plugin to test!

2. Provide clear, easy-to-find contact information and make sure it can be easily found on EVERY page of your site!

3. Don’t make a returning or portential customer log in before checkout! If a customer has an item in their shopping cart and are ready to give you money don’t interrupt that process by requiring them to login!

4. Take some decent product photos. Even better? Consider a few detailed photos from different angles.

5. Give your customers all the pricing information up-front and don’t hide the shipping cost until the end of the process. Let the customer see the shipping cost as early as possible in the checkout process to avoid ‘sticker shock’.

6. Just because Flash is cool doesn’t mean your customers will think it is cool. In addition, when we talk about page load time (see point #1) Flash is not always the best choice. Don’t forget that Flash is also and optional plugin. Depending on your demographic the Flash plugin may not be installed on their browswer. Why pay for a click that has an immediate roadblock to making a return on that click?? Stick with the basics when it comes to a landing page and, if you must use Flash, keep it to Flash elements vs and entire page!

7. Make sure to save customers info. If they miss a field in the checkout process, show them the same page again, but make sure their data is saved  in the form. Don’t make your customers continually re-enter their information!

8. Make sure to market your e-mail newsletter or subscribe to a latest news feed. Offer to connect on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You’d be surprised how many folks appreciate that sort of thing.

9. Name your products for your audience. Don’t confuse branding with labeling. If you sell spoons, knives and forks, call them spoons, knives and forks. Use clear terminology and your customers will easily find your product!

10. Write scannable content. Simply put, folks won’t read 10 line paragraphs! Use bullets and the like to break up the page. Have no more than 14 words on a line.

What has worked for you in the past? Leave your tips in the comments and I’ll add to the list!

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