Free Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Tools

If you are new to Google Analytics or simply looking to give your tracking a boost check out these tools:

URL Builder

In order for Google Analytics to track your marketing campaigns effectively, you’ll need to add parameters to your online ads. As a result, the first tool you’ll need is the URL Builder.  This tool will make the tagging process very simple and allow you to add parameters for campaign, medium and source.

Simply fill out the URL Builder form and press the Generate URL button. A tagged link will be generated that you can copy and paste into your ad. One word of caution, make sure all spaces are removed prior to generating your URL – otherwise you’ll get some funky characters in your generated URL string.


The Google Analytics SiteScan tool, EpikOne, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, created a very handy tool to verify that all pages on your site include the tracking code – the Google Analytics SiteScan tool.

SiteScan scrubs through the classic signs that indicate your site has improperly implemented the Analytics tracking code like:

1. No data in your account. (The tracking code was either never implemented or has the wrong account number)
2. You’re seeing a high bounce rate even though your site isn’t a blog and has more than one page. (If you’ve only tagged your homepage, your Google Analytics account will be unable to identify any other pageviews from your site. )

SiteScan provides easy to read CSV reports that makes it easy for you to isolate the pages with tracking problems, fix them, and effectively manage your Google Analytics Tracking Code installation.


The Web Analytics Solution Profiler (or WASP) recently received the “Web Analytics Association Leadership & Technical Recognition” award at the latest eMetrics conference. Similar to SiteScan, WASP is a Firefox extension that shows if Google Analytics is installed and the corresponding values being sent.

Excellent Analytics

For those of us whe live deep in Excel files, Excellent Analytics allows you to pull data from other sources into Excel and combine it with Google Analytics. Excellent Analytics is a free, open source plugin in that allows you to pull Google Analytics data right into Excel.

I know there are hundreds more, but these are just some of the basics to get started. What tools do you use? Leave your favorites in the comments and I’ll update the list!

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