Google Adwords Quality Score – Is 7/10 Good Enough?

Google Quality Score

Google Quality Score

As part of PPC For Hire‘s ongoing quality score myth busters, I wanted to touch on the ideal quality score number. This begs the question – is 7/10 good enough?

First, lets go over a quick refresher of what quality score is:

  1. Quality score is kept at the keyword level, ad level, and account level
  2. Quality score is largely but not entirely based on CTR
  3. High quality score lowers the bid required to achieve a given ad position

Based on the above, I assumed the goal would be to get 10/10 on every keyword, but evidently 7 is good enough. The AdWord’s rep says:

“Any QS less than 5 can be treated as a low score and they can be either paused or deleted. If need be, you can resume or add the same keyword at a later date when the trend or traffic for these keywords improve. 7/10 is a good QS.”

It was interesting to hear, “less than 5 … paused or deleted”. While Google Quality score is still largely a black hole, if you have a 7/10 on the majority of your keywords, rather than trying to get 10/10 move onto keywords with underperforming quality scores (ie. less than 5/10) and make efforts to improve those!

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8 Responses to “Google Adwords Quality Score – Is 7/10 Good Enough?”
  1. Tariq says:

    I googled this question and found this article which is a great read! I am currently trying Google Adwords and I was getting 6/10 Quality score wondering if that was good enough, but it’s interesting hear that anything below 5/10 is good enough.

  2. Cameron Kane says:

    Adwords is a really great tool for promoting your website, forum or affiliate link. the ppc cost of adwords is even cheaper than Friendster or Facebook. before, i used to advertise on facebook but the ROI is so low. Adwords gives me a much better ROI compared to Facebook ads.

  3. Dylan says:

    For anyone seeking to increase their PPC quality score, you must understand that QS is determined by a Google bot, not a human. 7/10 is a respectable score, however you can do much better. TriMark Solutions recently posted a blog which explains in detail many useful tips for increasing your PPC Quality Scores. Check it out and tell us what you think!

  4. Alain says:

    I would simply try to add more lsi keywords on the landing page to try and get those keywords to go over 5, wouldn’t just delete.

    Also, if it’s a fairly new campaign it could take a few days to settle.

    If all else fails ask for a manual review.

  5. Trishia says:

    Quality of score is very annoying. Our ads are about the product and mention the exact keywords and only get a 6-8/10 for 90% of the keywords. I guess I’ll call an adwords rep but it sounds like they’ll say a 7/10 is ok..:(


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