Google’s New Direction Gadget

As Google customers, both you and your clients care that people can find you on the Internet. If your clients have one or more physical locations, it’s just as important that customers can find them on the map.

The Google Maps team has created a simple way for you to add customized directions to your business location(s). With the Google directions gadget, Google Maps will generate customized door-to-door directions to your business location. You no longer need to type and update multiple sets of text directions. Let’s face it – customers are only looking for directions from their specific location.

Here is a quick screenshot of the collapsed directional gadget:


The directional gadget allows you to pre-fill the “To” field with one or multiple addresses, a generic zip code or even a specific set of latitude-longitude coordinates. A couple of additional features include single-click printing and walking and public transit directions.

Here is quick screen shot of the expandable driving directions:


Test and create your own directions gadget here. The gadget is currently available in 23 different languages.

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