Does Zero Impression Keywords Lower Quality Score?

Google Quality Score Mix

Google Quality Score Mix

Being an Internet marketing company with its primary focus in pay per click management, Quality Score is not only a major focus for us but also an area where we get the most client questions. We have definitely written about quality score in the past but I wanted to revisit a few quality score myths in my next few posts.

The first is in relation to zero impression or low volume keywords. Do they affect quality score? The easy answer is no.

As with most things ‘Google‘, however, that is not set in stone. If these keywords remain at zero impressions long enough, they will become inactive for search. Inactive for search keywords do lower your account-level quality score.

Here is a quote from an Google Adwords account representative:

“QS is influenced by CTR. CTR is influenced by search volume, impressions and clicks. Since the search volume is low, there are no impressions or clicks i.e., 0% CTR.

If the keywords continue to have zero or low search volume, they will become inactive for search and this will negatively impact your QS. In this particular account case, especially, the low search volume seems to have an impact on the QS in a round-about way.”

Look for more upcoming quality score myth busters in the coming days!

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One Response to “Does Zero Impression Keywords Lower Quality Score?”
  1. Tariq says:

    This is another good article and one that i will act upon as on viewing my Adwords account I can notice some very low impressions for some of my keywords, I’d say if there’s no traffic for the keyword it’s useless to have it as one of your keywords.