Increasing Bids and Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

A few months ago, we ran a series of posts on a hot topic among our  clients: Google Quality Score. Due to the popularity of these posts, PPC For Hire will be bringing you more facts about this important metric with more regularity.

I was reading the Google Agency Blog and came across this post regarding quality score and keyword bids. Google Quality Score has long been a ‘black box’ with lots of ambiguity, opinions and simply bad or incorrect information. As a result, I thought it was important to share this quick note.

A higher bid will not improve your Quality Score.

Clickthrough rate (CTR) is one of the primary quality score factors so many folks assume raising bids will impact their Adwords quality score. Click through rate is normalized to compensate for the higher CTR that ads in higher positions accrue. As you know, raising bids will also raise your average position (in most cases).

As a result, simply increasing your keyword bids for your keyword portfolio will likely increase the position of your ad on the page, but you won’t be impacting the Quality Score for that keyword.

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