Google Adwords Launches Bid Estimator

Adwords has been launching a lot of great new features lately the most recent answers a couple burning questions that every PPC account manager faces:

  • How can I increase traffic without burning through my budget?
  • How will raising my bid for ‘x’ keyword impact my account?

Typically, finding the right bid has involved a lot of trial and error. The Google Adwords bid simulator is a feature that shows you the potential impact of the bid change on your advertising results.

So, how does it work? The bid simulator uses data from the past seven days, re-calculates the number of impressions for which your ad could have shown had you chosen a different maximum CPC, how many clicks your ad could have gotten for those impressions and how much those clicks could have cost. This simulation data can help you figure out the trade-off between click volume and cost.

It is important to note, that these simulations are currently available only for and the Google search network.

So, where can you access this new Adwords tool? To see data from the bid simulator, go to the ‘Keywords’ tab in your AdWords account. Then, click on the bid simulator icon

Google Adwords Bid Simulator Icon

in the Max. CPC column next to the bid of any keyword you could like to see data for. Enjoy the data:)

Bid Simulator

Bid Simulator

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