What is the Google Adwords Opportunities Tab Beta

The first tidbits about the opportunities tab were initially released in July. It has now been released to an expanded set of US advertisers and is being rolled out to U.K. and Austrailia advertisers as well. I have been receiving a number of questions related to this ‘new’ tab as it continues to pop up in more and more accounts.

When should I use the Opportunities tab?

You can use the Opportunities tab to get a quick overview of Google’s suggested keyword and budget ideas for your individual campaigns and/or specific ad groups. Most importantly, if you are considering expanding keyword coverage or increasing your ad’s impression volume, you can compare the impact of different ideas before making changes.

Where did my AdWords Tools go?

Perhaps the most recurring question is “where have my tools gone?” If you have been included in the Opportunities tab beta, you will no longer see a Tools tab. Instead, you can access AdWords tools by clicking on the Opportunities tab and scrolling down the menu on the left hand side of the page.

To see a full list of available tools, simply click the “More tools…” link at the bottom of the list.


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