Google Adwords, Yahoo & Microsoft adCenter Customer Service Numbers

search-marketing-customer-serviceBrad Geddes recently wrote about the benefits of having a search marketing rep. Here are a few of the top reasons in my opinion:

  1. Getting trademarked keywords approved
  2. Handle billing issues
  3. Receive invites to beta programs
  4. Expediting Ad approvals
  5. Help in uploading large accounts
  6. Ideas on improving quality score

But the question I get asked most is – how the heck do I even find their custmer service number? Well, today is your lucky day!

Google Adwords Customer Service: 1-866-246-6453

Microsoft adCenter: 1-800-518-5689 (some of the most helpful and perhaps the easiest to get an assigned rep even for small spends)

Yahoo Search Marketing: 1-866-747-7327 (Expect to be on hold for some time)


6 Responses to “Google Adwords, Yahoo & Microsoft adCenter Customer Service Numbers”
  1. All Indie Affiliates says:

    Google’s Customer Service no longer offers support for Google Adwords accounts. This is very upsetting and really shows how much Google values their partnership. Ah, we remember the good old days where Google freed us from the monopoly of AOL, now we need another search engine to free us from Google’s monopoly. Where did their corporate structure go wrong? My partner and I have actually started looking at other options with other engines. Hopefully, that will pay off.


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