Google’s Sergey Brin on Yahoo – “Shame”

sergey_brin2Yesterday at the Web2.0 event in San Francisco Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a “surprise” visit and talked about a range of things from Twitter, Bing, Android and others. What was most interesting was the discussion between interviewer John Battelle and Brin regarding Yahoo:

JB: Do you like Bing? You a Bing user?

SB: I use all search engines out there. Bing reminds us that search is a competitive market. There’s Powerset that Microsoft bought. There’s Cuil. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on. It’s a shame Yahoo is abdicating.

JB: They would say they’re not.

SB: Sorry that was my impression.

JB: Do you have a comment on Microsoft/Yahoo search deal?

SB: I shouldn’t comment on that. But Yahoo had some interesting things, they should stick with it.

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