Google on Reputation Management – Stop Asking to Remove Content

reputation-managementGoogle already offers PPC advice and SEO advice. Now it appears Google is offering reputation managament advice – although it’s nothing earth shattering.

The actual reputation management advice is very basic. Create a Google Profile – like this one.  Then ask your happy customers and consumers to review you or your business online and leverage the positive content.

One of the typical ways to manage negative content online is to create and optimize content for the specific purpose of pushing negative content further down the search results and eventually out of sight. Specifically, its interesting to see Google’s endorsement of the practice.

The blog post basically says, Would you stop asking us to clean up the search results mess you don’t like?

“Rather than immediately contacting Google, it’s important to first remove  it (the negative content) from the site where it’s being published. Google doesn’t own the Internet; our search results simply reflect what’s already out there on the web.”

I get clients all the time asking about how to remove negative listings so this is of even more interest to me! What are your thoughts? Is this an ethical practice?

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