Alternative PPC Research Tools

keyword-research-toolsThis post will be short and sweet and focus on some free paid search tools that you might not have used before.

1. Google Sets – allows you to create lists of related keywords. Simply input one or more words and Google will suggest related keyword phrases.

Tilde search operator – Using advanced search operators while performing a query on Google can allow you to discover related keywords.

2. Google’s tilde (~) command shows you words related to your query term(s). The negative (-) search operator allows you to remove results from search results.

To use this effectively, build a search query that uses the tilde command to find related words, the negative search operator to remove the actual keyword searched, and then look for bolded words in results.

3. Google Trends – The regional information displayed by Google Trends does not show absolute search volume. Instead, it shows a ratio of total searches in a region compared to searches for your keyword. This is an indication of the likelihood of someone in that area to conduct a search for your keyword. When interest for your products is higher in a particular region, these become good areas to target geographically.

4. Ad Preview Tool – If you continuously search for your own Google ads and never click on them, Google may determine your own ads are irrelevant to you and stop showing them to you. Use the Ad Preview Tool instead.

5. adLabs Demographic Prediction – Enter a keyword or URL to see the demographic makeup of those searching for your products. It is useful to know who is searching for your products, and this is the place to start learning that information.

6. adLabs Detecting Online Commercial Intent – If a word is mostly non-commercial, you should treat the query as an information query and ensure the searcher can find out more information about your product or service. If a keyword is highly commercial, then you will want to use a transactional landing page. This tool will help you determine where your keywords fall in the buying cycle

7. Site spidering with Google’s keyword tool – Do a search for your keyword on, copy the URL, and then paste it into the AdWords keyword tool. You will quickly be presented with a list of related keywords and associated stats. Anytime you are browsing the web and come across a page related to your products, take that thirty-sixty seconds to spider the page for new keyword ideas.

What free tools do you use?

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