How to Find .edu Links – Simple Link Building Tips

link-building-tipWell, this link building tip will be short and sweet but hopefully you’ll find it very effective. We all need links to achieve search engine optimization success and getting links from authority domains is a big piece of that.

This tip is quite simple and leverages some advanced search techniques to scrub through the search results for .edu blogs based on your targeted keyword.

Type the following into Google: “keyword” where ‘keyword’ is your targeted keyword. Take for example online marketing I can now find .edu blogs on my targeted topic ‘online marketing’. By commenting on these blogs I can begin to build .edu backlinks as well as control the anchor text.

I want to be clear, I’m not recommending commenting on blogs with spam like ‘great post’ but reading through the article and responding with something meaningful to the community. Here are some thoughts about blog commenting and spam.

Here are few bonus resources you might be able to leverage to find other link building opportunities:

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2 Responses to “How to Find .edu Links – Simple Link Building Tips”
  1. Roger Carr says:

    Thanks for the tip to find applicable .edu sites. I look forward to finding out how much more authority these sites have than .com sites.


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