How to Target Gmail with the Content Network

Everyone with a Gmail account has seen the ads displayed on the right hand side of your e-mails. Its a great opportunity to get in front of folks and provide a solution to what might be discussed in the contents of the e-mail. But how do you target Gmail specifically?

There was a great tutorial provided from the Google Adwords team that I thought I would summarize below.

First things first, leverage the enhanced online campaign functionality. Add “mail.” to your placements list. Note: be sure to add and NOT

Also note, you will need to manually add this site placement as will not be an option in the Google placements tool.

gmail-placement-listIf Gmail has been performing well for you, a simple way to increase your site exposure and share of voice is to raise bids to increase your chance at placement in the auction. In this case I would recommend setting up your Gmail targeting in a separate campaign only targeting Gmail users. This will allow you much greater control over the ad spend, results and reporting.

The next opportunity to target Gmail is through the Gmail ‘funbox’ seen in the screenshot below.


To target this specific area, you will need to manually enter “,Top center” as a targeted placement. Again, this placement will need to be manually entered as it is not a suggestion in the placement tool.

One thing to keep in mind here is the ad is displayed as one long line of text. So keep that in mind when you are writing out your ad copy and taking punctuation into consideration.

What tips do you have for targeting Gmail or the Content Network?

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