Contact Form Extensions – Google Adwords Latest Beta Test

adwords-lead-form-testThere is a new Google Adwords beta being rolled out named contact form extensions and was first highlighted by PPC Hero. The premise is rather simple – a contact form extension provides a contact lead form directly in the search ad. As seen in the image above, a user needs to simply click on the lead form expander and a simple to fill out form is immediately available.

A couple things to note about the beta:

  1. This will only be an option for ads in the first position.
  2. Advertisers will pay the maximum CPC for each lead submitted and,
  3. These are only phone leads at the moment, not e-mail or live chat leads.

Once the form has been filled out, you will receive an e-mail with a ‘lead ID’. Google will provide you a phone number to call, you then enter the lead ID mentioned above and you will be directly connected to the phone number left by the customer.

It seems to be a pretty innovative beta although I have not seen it enabled on any of my campaigns as of yet. How about you? Have you gotten to play around with this new feature yet?

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