How To Create a Natural Backlink Profile When Link Building


One of the most important things when building links is gaining them ‘naturally’. If you’re an SEO or site owner buying links or building them manually through directories, blog posting, etc. it is becoming more and more important to make it look like you’re gaining them naturally.

Why? Google, Yahoo and Bing are all becoming increasingly good at sniffing out links that, according to their guidelines, haven’t been earned naturally.

So, when building links, use the following tips outlined below to help keep your link profile as natural looking as possible and your rankings increasing!

1. Vary Your Anchor Text

Targeting one specific term and then building links with the exact same anchor text and description is never a good idea. Instead try to gain links that include multiple variations of your preferred anchor text to capitalize on the long tail and also appear more natural. Also consider getting some links that are straight URLs and even a few image links. After all, not every website will naturally link to you using anchor text or keywords.

2. Don’t Focus Only on Pages with High PageRank

Again, not every site that sends a link your way will have a high pagerank. Don’t be afraid to go after, or spend money, on backlinks from pages that are of good quality and indexed, but maybe have a lower pagerank. These types of links should still be important in your overall ‘natural’ link building plan and will help balance out your link profile.

3. Don’t Concentrate Only on Your Homepage

Naturally, everyone won’t link solely to your homepage. Choose important inner pages and build links to those pages as well. This will help show the search engines that your content is worthy of being ranked.

4. Get Variations and Types of Links

There are many different types of backlinks from many different sources. While some are certainly better than others, it is important that you don’t focus exclusively on any one type of link. Look for opportunities to get links from blogrolls/sidebars, resource type pages, quality directory listings, social media sites, sponsorships and awards etc. In other words, wherever it makes sense, get your websites listed or mentioned.

5. Stay Away From Link Schemes

Avoid automated link programs and spammy “submit site” or “add url” free-for-all type of sites. Showing up on these types of sites, quickly tells Google that you may be actively seeking links to increase your popularity. Look to obtain links that not just everyone can get easily.

6. Keep the Link Building Slow and Steady

Aside from some type of viral link explosion via achieving the front page on Digg or a mention on a prominent news site, be wary of the rate at which you are gaining your manual links. It isn’t only the sheer number of links that matters in the long run but the quality of the sites linking to you that matters as well.

What other tips do you have for building links naturally?

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