Google Adwords Cutting Personalized Support Representatives


Update: Free Customer Phone Support for Adwords Advertisers

As part of the customer service cutbacks mentioned below, Google Adwords currently offered only email and online support. As of April 14th, if you are a US or Canada-based Adwords customer, you can now receive free phone support! When you have a question about your account or advertising campaigns, you can now simply call 1-866-2Google between Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Eastern Time to get your questions answered. One tip – make sure you have your customer ID number handy.

I recently wrote about search engine customer service numbers for Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo. It appears, however, that some folks won’t be getting Adwords support moving forward.

A recent WebmasterWorld thread reports that Google has cut personalized AdWords representatives from big Adwords spenders. The thread comes from a long time WebmasterWorld member, Cline. Reportedly, due to not taking on new clients, Cline lost his Adwords representation.

My agency has had a dedicated Adwords support team since about 2004. I just got notified that we’re losing dedicated support. The reason is that even though we’re managing ever-increasing spend levels from our existing clients, we’re too busy with our existing clients to accept new clients. Adwords only wants to give dedicated support to agencies bringing in new clients and who need help with strategy. We only have technical issues.

What’s more interesting is what others have reported once they lost their reps – being banned from AdWords. Other folks in the thread said they know other advertisers who spend over $100,000 per month, lost their Google representative and a month later were banned!

What are your thoughts? Have you heard of other advertisers experiencing the same fate?

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