Google Adwords Offers New Targeting Options for Mobile Ads


Google AdWords has rolled out a new targeting option for mobile ads. For those of you who are publishing ads on iPhones and other full internet mobile browsers, this new targeting feature will allow you to target specific mobile devices or carriers rather than targeting all of them.

This new feature will be most useful if you’re running ads that contain specific marketing messages to devices or carriers where keywords and landing pages can be customized according to certain carriers, mobile apps, products, etc.


This means that if you are selling Nexus One cases, you can now display ads to only Nexus One users. All other users with different mobile devices will not see your ads. This provides not only a better user experience but more than likely decreased costs going to un-targeted traffic and correspondingly higher ROI.

In addition, mobile ads that link to mobile app downloads will also be positively affected by this targeting update. Now links to mobile apps will automatically appear only on mobile devices that is supported by the app.  Moving forward, the ad will only display – “Download” hyperlinked to the download site, instead of displaying the actual URL. If you are a mobile app advertiser, simply append – ’‘ or ‘‘ followed by the app name in the ad’s visible URL, and it will automatically display as ‘Download iPhone App’ or ‘Download Android App.’

Google continues to launch some innovative new features and targeting opportunities. I’m excited to see what they have in store for 2010!

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