Google Grants – Get Your Free Adwords Advertising

google-grantsI’ve never written about Google Grants but it’s a fantastic non-profit advertising program offered by Google. Google determines the advertising dollars you receive each month. In return, you are given an account that can be managed with a few restrictions – the two biggest limitations are:

  1. Cannot advertise on the content network
  2. Can’t bid over $1 per click

Well, at least one of those is changing – sort of. Apparently, Google is doing some kind of content network experiment that includes Google Grants. Google is providing advertisers $500 of free content advertising. There is one catch – a Google employee will build and manage the account for you which isn’t so bad. It will be interesting to see why Google is rolling this out – perhaps some type of controlled test, data gathering exercise or simply an educational exercise for their account managers.

To apply for the program, click here!

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