Google Releases 2009 Fourth Quarter Earnings Report

google_earningsGoogle has just announced earnings for the fourth quarter of 2009. Most notably, revenues increased both quarter over quarter and year over year thanks to increases in both Google-site revenues and Adsense revenues.

You’ll find some of the top highlights below:

  • Quarterly revenues were up 17% to $6.7 billion.
  • Yearly revenues ended up being $23.65 billion, up from $21.8 billion in 2008. The resulting net income for 2009 was $6.5 billion.
  • 66 percent (or $4.4 billion) of Google’s revenue was generated from its own sites. An additional 31 percent (or $2 billion) in revenue was generated by AdSense ads across the advertising network. The remaining 3 percent came from licensing and other businesses
  • Google’s ad revenue on its own sites increased 16 percent while AdSense revenues grew an even faster 21 percent.
  • Paid clicks were up 13 percent annually and up 9 percent from the third quarter of 2009.
  • The average cost per click was up 5 percent annually, and 2 percent sequentially.
  • Google ended up with 9,835 full-time employees – 170 more people than the previous quarter.
  • Google is currently averaging one acquisition per month

Looks like Google is continuing to enjoy the increasing query share and increasing search volume!

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