Google To Serve More Targeted Ads in Gmail

gmail-content-advertisingSo, it seems that ad serving is the order of the day for Google. I wrote about improving your ability to target Gmail on the Content Network and now it appears Google is also improving the ads being served on Gmail.

The change to ‘relevancy’ includes using related emails you’ve previously received as a basis for serving ads to a current email that may not match any “better” ads from Google’s inventory. This could be due to the absence of relevant keywords in the contents of the e-mail or due to Google’s ad serving algorithms.

Basically, rather than serving ads which have absolutely nothing to do with the content of the current email you are reading, Google will use the last email you’ve read to determine what ads to serve on the current email.

To appease those concerned with privacy issues, Google says the process is completely automated and does not involve any human intervention. Further, they claim that no email or any of your personal information will be shared with advertisers.

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