Mobile Search Tracking in Google Analytics

Google has been hard at work releasing a number of great updates to their Google Analytics package over the past few weeks such as annotations and asynchronous tracking. I thought I’d bring you up to speed on yet another great addition – a super simple and easy way to accurately measure and track traffic coming from mobile devices.

Traditionally, to track mobile traffic the use of regular expressions or customized filters  were needed. Now Google is making things super simple and doing all of the coding to capture this traffic for you – and is probably a direct result of the new mobile targeting features in Adwords. As you can see below, there is now a Mobile section within the Visitors section sidebar:


Google didn’t stop there! Another nice addition found under the mobile drop down menu, is the information regarding individual mobile carriers. This will allow you to see which specific mobile providers are driving the majority of traffic through your web site:

mobile-carriersLast but not least, you can now access visits from iPhones at any level within analytics. No surprises here, Google Analytics clearly considers iphone generated traffic to be a significant and emerging segment (as do we!)

You can find this segmentation under Advanced Segments (top right corner) in the Default Segments list.


What are your thoughts on these new features?

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