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With the recent influx of recent clients interested in local SEO, I’ve been writing a few posts on local search engine optimization. This one follows suit with a slight twist. This post focuses on link building opportunities for local blogs – after all blogs need local love too!

Specific Regions

Washington Post – DC-area blogs
CityPages.com – Minnesota
Newsbobber.com – Minnesota
NYC Bloggers
Austin (TX) Stories
DFW Blogs – Dallas/Ft. Worth
San Diego Bloggers
Search Maryland blog directory
Paducah (KY) iBlog Directory – Kentucky
Lowcountry Bloggers – Charleston, SC
LocalMouth’s British Blog Map
Best Blogs Asia
Boston Weblogs
Boston Blogs
Citizen Rain – Seattle
Hartford Blogs – Hartford Public Library
BayNewsNetwork -UC Berkeley’s Knight Digital Media Center
Oakland Local blog directory

Local Blog Directories
Outside.in – a blog directory and local media content
Blogs by City
feedmap.net – spam city
Loaded Web
WikiCity – wiki-based collection of city guides that invites local bloggers to add themselves to a city blogroll
InOtherNews.us – local news/journalism blogs/sites across the U.S.

General Blog Directories

Best of the Web
EatonWeb Local News blogs
Blog Catalog
Blog Digger
Geeky Speaky
Globe of Blogs
Blog Universe
Blog Flux
Blog Hub
Blog Hints
Regator: Local Interest blogs

Come on I know there are more! What local blog directories have I missed? Add them in the comments!

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