SEO Basics – Internal & External Link Building

linksToday wraps up our 4 part series of SEO basics and we’ll be focusing on link building – both external and internal (view our Title Tag basics, Meta Description basics and Hx tag basics).

Inbound linking to your page or website helps a lot in terms of SEO, firstly because every link is a reference and the way the link is created gives clues about what your site is about.

Internal Link Building

Internal link building refers to the cross-linking on your website from one of your pages, like your homepage, to another page. In other words, onsite linking means to link from one page to another on the same website. With internal links, you can suggest to search engines what the page being linking to is about.

  • Link to pages from relevant pages only like from a sports related page to a page about swimming
  • Use anchor text of the link efficiently by adding the target keyword in the anchor text. Never use the terms like “click here” or “more info” in the linking text (anchor text of the link).
  • If there are two links to the same page, use NoFollow tag in one of them.

External Link Building

External link building, meaning getting links from authority and relevant websites, is a very crucial element in ranking at search engines. More inbound links generated from good quality and relevant websites, the better chance you have to enjoy higher ranking withing the SERPs. Although link building requires a lot of work, you can still do some of the following:

  • Ask partners to link back to our channelized page
  • Never buy links from other websites except the directory submissions
  • Ask the linking website to include targeted keywords within the anchor-text
  • Encourage readers to link to your page by placing social bookmarking links on each page
  • Become an active member of various forums and mention our pages in the forum posts

Any additional tips? Leave them in the comments!

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