SEO Basics – Meta Description

meta_description_seoSo, continuing on with part 2 our SEO basics (view our Title Tag basics) we’ll be focusing on the Meta Description.

The Meta description is very important as it describes what the page is about. It also gives you a chance to increase the CTR of searchers by  convincing searchers to come to your page!

An effective Meta description should be written with following in mind:

  • Include the target keywords in the description
  • Target keywords should be as close as possible to the beginning of the description
  • Description should be no more than 160-170 characters
  • Description should be convincing to attract searcher to the website.
  • Therefore, it should be what the page is about. It is an opportunity to market your website as what you say there can convince many searchers to visit your website (ie. increase your CTR %).
  • Grammatically correct and meaningful sentences should be used

Have any additional tips of your own? Leave them in the comments!

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