SEO Basics – Title Tags

titletagThe next few posts are going to be short and sweet and focused on the basic elements of SEO – starting with the Title Tag.

The title is the most important SEO element as it is the first and best clue about the page for search engine crawlers and also it is the first thing which attracts attention at search results.

An effective title should be written with following in mind:

  • Include the target keywords in the title as long as they are relevant to the page content
  • Target keyword(s) should precede the brand name, if brand name needs to be added
  • Every page title should be unique (no duplicate title)
  • Title tags should be around 60-65 characters

For example, a page about new cars, then your title tags could looks like this:

  • Cheap New Cars from the top US manufacturers (See that our target keyword is “new cars”, “cheap new cars”, “new cars US”)
  • New Cars for Low Budgets

Do you have any additional tips?

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