Yahoo Desktop Tool – Bulk Changes Made Easy

ysmd-search-marketing-desktopGoogle had the Adwords Editor. Microsoft has the adCenter Desktop. Now, Yahoo! has created their own offline tool that enables advertisers with multiple campaigns to easily create and manage their Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts. The Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop tool offers simpler and quicker campaign management than bulk sheets or the Sponsored Search interface.

Here are a couple of benefits from using the Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop:

  • Bulk editing: Easily make mass changes to settings such as status, match types and budgets, all within an intuitive interface.

– Increase or decrease multiple keyword bids.
– Save time by exporting your view of keywords, ads, ad groups and   campaigns into Excel.
– Revert selected changes for greater peace-of-mind.

  • Campaign transfer: Import your third-party campaign data in one easy step.
  • Find/replace and search functionality: Find and replace text in ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns, or use filters to search for specific account information.
  • Account performance statistics: Retrieve status and statistics for your account’s impressions, clicks, CTR, cost, ad quality scores, along with other information.


With this helpful tool, your Yahoo! account management just got a whole lot easier. You can download the Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop here.

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