Image SEO: Optimizing Picture File Names

I have been generating a lot of recent traffic through google images, flickr, etc. I’ve always been a believer in the ability for image search to compliment organic traffic. Here are a few tips that will help you capture some additional traffic through image optimization as well:

Basic SEO image techniques

The absolute most basic way to include your images into your organic SEO plan is to simply update/change the names of your images to include your targeted keywords, phrases and locations.

We’ve all seen images named with worthless file names like:

  • 54.jpg
  • 10007823.jpg
  • logo-picture-small.jpg
  • image4586.jpg
  • DC10000023.jpg
  • bathroom.jpg

Consider image names similar to the below:

  • plumber-fairfax-va-contact.jpg
  • vizslas-hungarian-pointers-adoption-mitzy.jpg
  • stereo-system-faqs-logo.jpg

Unorthodox Image Labeling

Yes, naming images like the above may not be natural. But to maximize every part of content for its maximum SEO benefit, you can use this technique for:

1. Logos – sure, you could put “company-name-logo.jpg” as the name of the image as most people do, but putting the logo image in the keyword format is a good move.

2. Web Graphics – Yes, even those parts of your website that have mundane names for establishing the look of your site are target for enhancement.  The boxes, bars, background titles can all be renamed to incorporate the naming scheme.

Take the first step

I’ll leave the optimization suggestions at that for now and follow up these suggestions with posts focused on “alt” tags and leveraging photo sites. In the meantime, make sure to give your website images anoverhaul!


4 Responses to “Image SEO: Optimizing Picture File Names”
  1. PC Repairs Watford says:

    A very interesting approach to SEO! – I am aware of the benefits of ALT tags but I never stopped to think about the actual image names themselves. Have just gone through the images on my site and realised that none of them are optimised in any way so I am now in the process of sorting this out and will be interested to see the results. Thanks for bringing this to my attention (even a small advantage is very useful when it comes to SEO!) 🙂


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