Adwords Bidding Options: Use Them Right

adwords-bidding-optionsUnderstanding what you plan to do with your marketing campaign is the first step in succeeding for any Adwords campaign. You have several types of bidding options to consider that can help you to achieve your goal. Think about these:

  1. Budget optimizer: this improves the number of clicks you get for your budget. Return on investment and your profit goals are not Google’s focus, though. Keep in mind if your campaign has various valued keywords, do not use this particular option.
  2. Maximum CPC bidding: You manually control the bids in the order that works for you in terms of ROI or your profit goals. You need to use this method if you want to use advanced options, too.
  3. Conversion Optimizer: With this option, you might make the right ROI but you may not be getting the right profit for the company. With this option, the CPA is entered and Adwords then automatically adjusts your bid so it can reach the CPA.
  4. CPM Bidding: If your goal is to increase the brand recognition within your business this is the route to go. Visual ads on Content Network is what this option is for.

Take into consideration what your options are compared to what your particular campaign goals are.

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