Managing Google Adword Settings

Google Adwords Settings

Google Adwords Settings

Google Adwords setting options are numerous but the only surefire way to manage them is to choose the ones that are most likely to offer you success and then to test them out. You may find that you need to make changes often.

Important settings to consider include:

  • Locations and languages: Helps you to specialize the target area enough so that you can pin down only those clicks that convert.
  • Networks and devices: Consider if your conversion form and landing pages are smart phone friendly.
  • Bidding and Budget: manage your budget better by using manual bidding rather than automatic bidding.
  • Position Preference, Delivery Method: Use position preference if you want your ads in a preferred position or in a range, or you want Google to control bids. For delivery method, consider standard method as this gives you a more spread out balance to your clicks, keeping your budget in line throughout the day.
  • Schedule: use this to run your ad on the right time.
  • Ad delivery: Choose how your ads are served. For example, you may want Google to select the best performing ad to use. The best option is to use rotate, which will improve conversion based program.

As you can see, each of these Google settings is key, but each offers numerous choices that will influence your results.

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