Review of Caphyon Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager Software

advanced-web-rankingIt is impossible for a website to succeed without a high level of visibility within search engines. For example, if you run an apartment leasing company or property management company you will want your site to be the first page to appear when a user types a query related to rental properties or apartments for rent into Google or Yahoo!. Achieving this is known as search engine optimization (or SEO) and Caphyon has introduced a suite of products, Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager that help you achieve precisely that!

The first element of their software, ‘Advanced Web Ranking’ is just that. Advanced! While your initial impression may be that advanced actually means complicated, it doesn’t take long to learn the ropes. Assistance is readily available within the program itself, and before long, advanced starts to mean powerful!

Advanced Web Ranking (from now on referred to as AWR) is available in four editions, Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Server. The Standard edition costs only $99, but lacks a number of the more powerful features found in other editions. Probably the best way to decide which is right for you is to download the program and see which features you will actually use. You can try it without paying anything for 30 days which provides a more than adequate timeline to really put the program through a number of implementations and testing.

Simply put AWR helps you promote your website ranking in three main areas; keyword research, search engine submission, and website analysis. The keyword research tool helps you determine what your potential customers type into a search engine when they are wanting to find a business like yours. AWR will assist you in submitting your site to literally hundreds of search engines (see image below), making sure that your website can be found. Finally there are numerous search engine ranking reports that allow you to clearly see what is working and where improvement is needed!

Advanced Web Ranking Software

Advanced Web Ranking Software

The features at your fingertips with AWR are astounding! There are over one thousand search engine settings, a host of country specific options, and a whole plethora of reports. However, when it comes to actually setting up your first project the program is surprisingly simple! A setup wizard guides you through the selection of search engines, onto the key words you want to keep track of, and finally the URLs of the websites themselves. Once you’ve entered that information, you are up and running!

Creating reports within AWR gives you access to all sorts of information about your website, as well as the competition. The ‘Current Rank’ provides you with the present statistics on how you are measuring up within the search engines you have selected, also letting you clearly see how your competitors are doing. The ‘Top Sites’ report allows you to see which pages do particularly well with a given keyword, from there it’s also easy to keep track of them and learn sooner rather than later what is driving their success. I was particularly impressed with the strong visual elements of these reports (see below), clear graphs, and color coding means that all of this information is very accessible.

Advanced Keyword Ranking Report

Advanced Keyword Ranking Report

Worth mentioning too is the way in which AWR (and Advanced Link Manager) gathers all of this data. I was initially concerned that the programs would bombard search engines with requests and within a short time cause them to block my computer’s IP address. However, both programs mimic the behavior of a web browser being used by a person. This does tend to mean things do not happen as quickly as you might have imagined, but to the search engine there is nothing unusual to notice or report! For the more expensive versions of Advanced Web Ranking you can actually leverage proxy servers to do localized keyword ranking reports as well – a pretty cool feature for local SEO campaigns.

Another area of interest to the business user is the quality support from Caphyon. There is a significant amount of very helpful information on their website, and if you can’t find what you need there they have real people who will answer your queries! I have not ever waited more than the advertised 24 hours for a response and resolution to my problem or question.

AWR is a high end search engine ranking tool! You get a lot of very useful features aimed at the serious, commercial user. This review really only mentions the highlights. The insights that can be gained as well as the flexibility of the reports available is truly astonishing. If however, you are wanting to promote a very small website, or your personal blog then you are probably better off using the cheaper or even free tools that are available.

The functionality of AWR is significantly enhanced by its sister product ‘Advanced Link Manager’ (or ALM). ALM is definitely a product that will dramatically enhance your ability to market your website! Simply put, ALM will allow you to see which other sites direct their visitors to your webpage.

The importance of incoming links is not to be discounted! Both the number and quality of the sites pointed at your website along with your overall link popularity has a major effect on your ranking within a search engine’s results. ALM allows you to quickly view your site’s link popularity, both now and historically; as well as helping you to manage future link building efforts.

As with AWR the Link Manager initially appears somewhat complicated, however with the accessibility of help and tutorials I found myself very quickly learning my way around the program. I was able to easily see not only who had linked to my site, but their anchor text, the keywords that had attracted them, and the contact information for their website!

(Above is a screenshot showing ALM’s assistant)

(Above is a screenshot showing ALM’s assistant)

One feature that I was particularly impressed with was the Link Campaign. ALM will guide you through a process of building your link partnerships that is extremely practical. Its focus on the analysis of keywords, as well as your competitor’s backlinks quickly yields results. Other very useful features include notifications of any changes to your links, analysis of link quality, and the ability to export all of this information into other programs (such as an Excel spread sheet).

I have mentioned that these programs are not for everyone; however, if you are serious about promoting your website, anyone can use them. The tutorials, documentation, and email support are all excellent; and even for someone who is not overly technical both AWR and ALM are relatively intuitive. A further bonus is the cross platform compatibility, current versions of both programs run not only on Windows and Mac, but Linux as well! As a Mac user myself, this was a huge, huge plus for Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager as many other programs are Windows based only.

Anyone interested in website promotion knows that you can not just put up a site and hope that visitors will come. You want your business to be easily discoverable on the internet! Both Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager are extremely effective and full featured SEO tools when it comes to increasing your online visibility. Have a look at the free trial (available at to see what these products can do for you!

Do you have experience using the Advanced Web Ranking or Link Manager tools? Let us know what you thought of the software in the comments!


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  1. Ryan Adami says:

    Great in-depth review! But I must say it seems like someone was paid for all the nice comments 🙂 Otherwise I’d expect too see some affiliate links in there. With a flood of new SEO software coming to market it’s hard to weed through the crap and find that tools that actually make working more efficient. it really comes down to a few parts … researching markets/ keywords, analyzing websites, gauging the competition, building/ monitoring links and tracking results. Good work though buddy!


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