Six Steps to SEO Keyword Research

keyword-research-seoIf you are looking for a simple and to the point method of getting SEO keyword research done, consider the following six simple steps.

  1. Brainstorm through your website, finding words that are important to your site. Look at the terms people might be putting into search engines to find you.
  2. Spend some time finding more keywords for your keyword list. Use tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Pay per click accounts to gather information.
  3. Now, use PPC tools to help you to learn about those keywords. Google Keyword Tool is a good option since you can use your URL to scan your site for keywords. You can also use the tools under “more search tools” to help you.
  4. Do some organizing next. Try to organize by the topic found. You can use Excel spreadsheets to help you to organize all of this. The organization will help you to target topics properly.
  5. Next, determine ranking statistics and sort out keywords. Try using the Google Keyword Tool, work through this process to determine which are the best keywords to target.
  6. Choose your keywords wisely by selecting those that rank the highest and are most relevant to your webpage.

That is all it takes to find good keywords for your needs. Work through this method for each of your sites.

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