Considerations for Your PPC Budget

How do you break down your SEO budget?

How do you break down your PPC budget?

We often get asked by friend, small business owners and clients, “What should I be spending on paid search?” If you are in business for yourself, your PPC budget is completely up to you and you can set and modify your budget at any time to meet your needs and to help with other parts of the company. Here are some tips to help in that budgeting process.

  • Create a daily spending limit for your PPC advertising. Whether it is something you look at everyday or not you will need to only use that amount each day. This way you will not go over budget. If your limit is reached that day you will be notified with an alert from the ad posting.
  • Set the right account limits to cover all expenses for the campaign. This way you will not need to keep feeding money into the account on a regular basis. Put it in once and it will be done.
  • Create legitimate limits. You do not want to overspend and you do not want to put in such a small amount that your campaign will reach no one. You need to look at it logically from a point of what is affordable and what is logical.

What tips have you used to help in the budgeting process? Share in the comments and I’ll be sure to add into the post!

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