It Is All About Google AdSense Ad Placement

Tips on AdSense Ad Placement

Tips on AdSense Ad Placement

One of the biggest struggles with using Google AdSense ads is trying to determine where to put the placements on the page. Obviously clicks are the goal, but how intrusive should the ads be to the user and what placements create the most targeted ad copy?

When you are trying to maximize the value of the ads you are writing for Google ads and are in the process of using AdSense you are going to want to place a good amount of your consideration on ad placement. This is because this is going to make a large difference in the viewing of the ads.

Here are the 5 best places to place an ad. That does not mean though that you need to have five ads on your page. As with most paid search initiatives, testing the Google AdSense placements on the page will be what determines the best placement for your individual website.

  • Under the last paragraph as it will be the last thing they see after reading the page.
  • Under or next to an image. We are all drawn to pictures so we will be more likely to click on ad near one.
  • Under the article title as it will be the first thing they see.
  • On the left right under the menu for the page as they will likely read the menu and then see the ad.
  • In the beginning of an article right before the first line so they will have no choice but to see it.


What placements are working best on your websites? What areas are doing poorly? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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