Picking A Good Domain Name

There are many good domain names that are out there for you to use and apply to your site. The thing is you need to make sure that it is a domain name that will fit and work with the product you are offering. Here are some hints to help you have a good domain name that will draw in traffic. The first of which is to have a domain name that is easy to spell. If you have a domain name that is not complex and is simple more people will be able to find you. The more unique the name is the better. It will stick in someone’s head. You also want to keep the name short so that there will be less room for error when you are trying to put create the name and so that they will be more likely to remember it as well.


One Response to “Picking A Good Domain Name”
  1. Bonnie J. says:

    Domain Name so important, I agree completely with the author. Thanks for reminding us of the basics – Well done – Well Written!

    Bookmarking Your Page!