Using SEO In Your Web Design

Tips that makes your website design more SEO friendly

Tips that makes your website design more SEO friendly

Too often when designing or redesigning a website, SEO is an afterthought. To make SEO truly work for you an SEO strategy should be incorporated directly into the website design stategy. Here are some tips to help make your page more search engine friendly:

  • Do not use flash player in your design. Not everyone has it and it could be annoying if you do not.
  • Pay attention to the title tag that is being used.
  • Use content that is relevant to the site.
  • Make sure to include alt attributes on all images.
  • Use descriptive anchor text on all links.
  • Use social media to promote.

These are just some of the ways to make your site for user friendly as well as more attractive to search engines. In essence the easier you are to find, the more organic visitors, which will in turn lead to more business for you.

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